Software that lets you escape the
classroom into another world.

3D Organon

3D Organon’s multi-award-winning software platform facilitates accelerated learning and teaching in medical sciences and anatomy across desktop, mobile, and virtual reality devices.

First Aid VR

The First Aid VR platform is designed to be totally immersive, placing the student into a simulated First Aid environment that is realistic and emotive. Learn basic life support in virtual reality, matched in the real world to mannequins allowing physical training capabilities within a digital solution.


PeriopSim is designed to bridge the gap between class and the OR. It helps to learn procedures, anticipating the surgeon and instrumentation, before going into the OR. Research shows that PeriopSim performs 6x faster and is more effective than traditional methods.


SimX is the most advanced VR medical training system, designed by physicians at Stanford and UCSF and already in use at top medical and nursing schools across the world.


PrecisionOS brings medical-grade, interactive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences to surgical training for physicians.


Many children in the world cannot leave their hospital room or bed. PlaygroundVR is the virtual playground for children who cannot play outside.

Bundle of Rays is an immersive learning experience that not only contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, it’s actually enjoyable.

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